Leica DM 750P LED 4X, 10X, 63X Koehler Outfit

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    DM 750P LED 4X. 10X, 63X, Koehlerbeleuchtung, Polariser, inkl.Staubschutzhülle. DM 750P LED 63X Transmitted Light Outfit which includes:
    DM 750P LED Stand with 4 Position centerable nosepiece, Koehler Illumination, Polariser for Transmitted Light, Add on lens for Condensers, Universal Power Supply, circular rotating stage with graduations and adjustable brake, LED illumination, built in handle and cord wrap, objective centering tools, 2 Object Clamps, Dust Cover, User Manual CD, 30 degree Binocular Pol Tube with eyepiece locking mechanism and orientation key in right eyetube for the Crosshair reticle eyepiece, 10X/20 focusing eyepiece w/eyeguard, 10X/20 focusing eyepiece with eyeguard and Crosshair reticle and pin for orientation, 530nm Lambda Compensator, Analyzer/Bertrand Lens Module, Pol Abbe Condenser 0.85 NA, HI Plan Pol 4X/0.10 NA 18.0mmW.D., HI Plan Pol 10X/0.25 NA 12.0mm W.D., HI Plan Pol 63X/0.75 NA 0.31mmW.D.. Note: appropriate Power Cord must be ordered separately

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