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    Software LeicaMAP® (Standard Version) Topography analysis software package providing extensive operators and visualisation techniques to analyze the acquired data in depth. Covering aspects from statistical analysis to illustration and reporting this framework is still easy to learn and to use.
    - Full capacity to make and generate statistics and reports
    - Template document on all data of a folder
    - Automatic pass/fail parameter control
    Leica Map DCM software is for use with images generated by the Leica DCM Dual Core 3D Measuring Microscope. It allows the features of surfaces to be visualized in 2D and 3D. Measurements of surface texture parameters are generated to characterize surface geometry. Interactive, visual surface metrology reports with full traceability can be produced.
    The DCM edition of Leica Map includes:
    - Compatibility with Leica DCM file formats
    - Surface operators for leveling, exclude zones,
    - surface subtraction, stitching
    - Profile studies for roughness and waviness,
    - Abbott-Firestone Curve, parameters including ISO-4287
    - Profile Operators for levelling, Zoom, symmetries, fill in points
    - Profile curves of the series
    Leica Map software is supplied on DVD. Leica Map is licensed by a USB hardware protection key that is included. The PC of the Leica DCM8 system is required. Additional optional modules are available for extended functionality.

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