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    Software LeicaMAP® Premium for complete 3D analysis, statistics and automatic reporting. It is fully integrated with SensoScan and can be used in automated live mode, continuously analyzing the results coming from the acquisition software. Including:
    - 2D and 3D texture analysis
    - Profile, roughness and waviness analysis.
    - Multiple form removal and leveling algorithms.
    - 3D advanced visualization, with movie recording and multiple-angle view.
    - Interactive measurements of selected Areas
    - Various algorithms to measure volume
    - Measurement comparison based on parameters +- tolerances (pass / fail)
    Leica Map Premium software is the top of the line surface imaging and analysis package for use with images generated by the Leica DCM8 Dual Core 3D Measuring Microscope and LAS Montage. Additionally it is a universal solution that is compatible with single-point tactile and optical profilers and scanning probe microscopes, as well as optical microscopes. It allows the features of surfaces to be visualized in 2D and 3D. Measurements of surface texture parameters are generated to characterize surface geometry. Interactive, visual surface metrology reports with full traceability can be produced. It includes a wide range of added capabilities inluding:

    - Advanced 2D Surface Texture
    - Contour Analysis
    - Basic Surface Texture
    - Advanced 3D Surface Texture
    - 3D Fourier Analysis
    - Surface Stitching
    - 4D Analysis
    - Grains & Particles
    Leica Map software is supplied on DVD. Leica Map is licensed by a USB hardware protection key that is included. The PC of the Leica DCM8 system is required. Additional optional modules are available for extended functionality.

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